Problems Caused By Roof Leaks

What is water doing to your house? Shingles that are old or damaged might not be protecting your home against water. If you have roof damage, water could be working its way into your house and causing havoc.

A Leak Can Damage Your Ceiling.

As leaks form in the roof, they cause serious damage to your house. Don’t allow a minor problem to become a major problem.

Problems Caused By Leaks

Air Conditioning and Heat – Water damage causes areas in the roof where heat and cold can escape. As insulation in the attic soaks in the moisture, it molds and becomes less effective insulating the house from the outside.

Cosmetic – Water can cause discoloration and stains on the wall paint. Sheetrock and crown molding on the walls and ceiling may warp and crack after long exposures to water.

Electrical – Exposed wires in the attic and walls are a huge risk with leaks in the roof. If water comes into contact with an exposed wire, it can cause a short or even an electrical fire. If water comes into contact with fixtures on the walls and ceilings, it could also potentially cause similar problems.

Health – Moisture in the walls and attic allow mold and mildew to grow. This could cause terrible smells and possibly sickness.

Structural – Boards and beams constantly soaked in water can weaken and cause potential structural concerns.

If there’s a leak in your roof, don’t wait any longer. Prevent the leak from getting any worse and find a professional to take of the problem. Do you need a quality roofer in Texas? Call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.