Industrial Roofing

Industrial Roofing

Regardless of the Size of Your Structure or Scope of Your Enterprise, We Offer Premier Roofing Solutions.

If you’ve considered construction of a new industrial structure, roofing has likely crossed your mind. Many options exist for industrial roofing, each with its own relative benefits and advantages. Advanced Roofing Systems provides comprehensive installation, repair, restoration, and replacement services for all kinds of industrial roofs. If you need help choosing a new roof, schedule a consultation with our team. We will happily offer recommendations based on your structure and budget.

For industrial roofing, much depends on the quality of your installation. Advanced Roofing Systems provides exceptional installation work that will bring out the best in your roofing choice. We also offer periodic cleaning and maintenance services to maximize your investment and the lifespan of your roof. For any needs with industrial roofing in Fate and Rockwall, TX, give us a call today at (214) 247-7002.

Types of Industrial Roofing

Many choices exist for industrial roofing. The kind you choose depends on your structure, the slope of your roof, budget, and personal preference. At Advanced Roofing Systems, we offer service across the following roofing options.

Green RoofingA green roof refers to a roof specially designed to accommodate plant life. Covered with soil and plants, these roofs have a waterproof membrane to prevent leakage. They provide excellent energy efficiency, a pleasant rooftop environment, and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Single Ply RoofingAnother popular type of roofing for commercial structures, single ply membranes come in a few different options. Easy to install and maintain, single ply roof offer excellent value. At Advanced Roofing Systems, we service TPO, EPDM, and PVC.

Metal RoofingAn excellent choice for industrial roofs with some slope, metal roofing provides unparalleled durability. With a lifespan that can extend into several decades, a metal roof offers a premier return on your roofing investment.

Modified Bitumen: This type of roofing allows for heat-welded application, a process that lends great durability and water-resistance. It also applies in sheets, which allows the building owner to customize the roofing’s thickness to save money.

Built Up Roofing: One of the most common types of industrial roofing, built up roofs have stood the test of time. These roofs provide excellent value for their cost, and support easy maintenance and repairs.

Cost-Effective Industrial Repairs

Industrial Roofing

With Many Choices in Industrial Roofing, You Can Find the Perfect Fit for Your Structure.

Industrial roofs suffer through a lot of wear. Aside from the general, weather-related damage that every roof experiences, an industrial roof must often deal with exposure to chemicals and pollutants. Over time, these will break down even the sturdiest roof and create a need for repairs. If you notice any of the following, do not hesitate to call for service. 


  • Moisture Damage
  • Excessive Pests (in and around the ceiling)
  • Ponding Water
  • Climbing Energy Bills

Any of these signs can indicate a problem with your roofing system. The longer the damage persists, the more expensive repairs will become. Give our team a call at (214) 247-7002 and ask about our services for industrial roof repairs in Fate and Rockwall, TX!

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Need help choosing your next industrial roof? Trust Advanced Roofing Systems for honest and pointed advice. We serve as your local experts and source for industrial roof repair, replacement, and installation. The next time you need service for industrial roofing in Fate and Rockwall, TX, reach out to us at (214) 247-7002.