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Commercial roofs are known to have relatively short lifespans. Being so large and close to the sky, they are exposed to way more extreme damages than residential roofs. While proper installation and routine maintenance help to extend the life of your commercial roof for as long as possible, eventually time will come for a replacement. Choosing a commercial roofing company that can help walk you through the pros and cons of each commercial roofing type instead of selling you the cheapest one will also help you get the best investment so you are not constantly having to cal for repairs. For commercial roof installation in Fate and Rockwall, TX that you can trust, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.

Commercial Roofing Specialists

Since commercial roofs are oftentimes flat, the most common damages seen to them are leaks and sun damage. This is because flat roofs have no protection from the elements like sloped roofs and get full exposure all the time. With a sloped roof, the sun will hit different parts throughout the day, or rain will slide right off. Flat roofs have no curves for water to drain, so it just pools there until leaks are formed. When you call our commercial roofing company, we can provide you with commercial flat roof installation to replace your damaged one. We also provide commercial metal roof installation and installation of all other commercial roofing systems types.

Industrial Roofing

Industrial Roof Repairs

Sometimes commercial roofs just aren’t strong enough, and even tougher roofing is needed. That is where industrial roofing comes in! Typically seen on warehouse, factories, agricultural buildings, or large complexes that house hundreds of people, industrial roofs are good at providing extreme durability. They can withstand extremely high heats, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, and can hold a ton of weight. Advanced Roofing Systems provides industrial roofing services in Fate and Rockwall, TX. For installation or repairs, call us today at (214) 247-7002 to set up an appointment.

Commercial Industrial Roofing

Metal proves to be the best roofing system for industrial roofing, being able to handle extreme wear and tear. And you don’t have to have a warehouse just to get an industrial roof! Many commercial businesses have industrial roofing. Places like hotels, apartments, churches, and office buildings have industrial roofs as they are able to withstand temperature fluctuations and handle multiple HVAC units at once.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

Is your roof looking more brown than white? Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris get stuck on your roof and cover your roof’s original color. Getting a good power washing not only boosts curb appeal, but helps to remove any hidden damages like mold that could be growing underneath all that grime. If your roof needs a good washing, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 for commercial roof cleaning in Fate and Rockwall, TX.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Our roofing cleaning company uses powerful hydro jets to blast away any debris. Some other roof cleaning contractors may use roof cleaning chemicals, but these can sometimes cause more harm than good depending on what type of roof you have. By using roof pressure cleaning tools like hydro jetting, we are able to provide a thorough cleaning of moss off your roof and a roof gutter cleaning. If you have an older or more fragile commercial roof where the powerful blasts of water from hydro jetting could damage your roofing system, we also provide soft wash roof cleaning services. Reasons why getting a commercial roof cleaning are beneficial are:

  • Boosts curb appeal: Patrons are more likely to enter a business that is well kept than a business that looks like it hasn’t been operating for years due to the layers of filth over its roof.
  • Improves Energy Efficiency: As the layers of grime are washed off, your cool roof is able to begin performing its job again- reflecting sunlight and cooling your building, lowering your energy bills.
  • Removes Mold: Mold and algae don’t stand a chance against hydro jetting! This machine is also good for blasting away leaves that can clog gutters and cause water to pool on your roof.

Cool Roofing

What is a Cool Roof?

Cool roof technology is the best option for a commercial roof, which is why more materials are being converted to have this benefit. A cool roof is designed to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays that used to cause severe sun damage to commercial roofs away. This not only helps your flat commercial roof last longer, but it helps keep your building cooler! The reflected sunlight cannot then be absorbed into the roof and heat up the building like before, lowering temperatures inside the building and lowering your energy bill! Cool roofing is available in multiple different roofing system formats, from metal to a single ply cool roof membrane like TPO, PVC, or EPDM, or as a white or light colored cool roof coating. If you are wanting a cool roof installed on your Fate and Rockwall, TX commercial building, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 today.

What is a Green Roof?

Green Roof

Green Roofing Offers a Very Pleasant Work Environment, Plus Highly Capable Sunlight Reflection for Better Energy Savings.

When most people think of a green roof, they think of literal vegetation and plants on a roof. While that is one option, another definition of a green roof is simply being eco-friendly by using roofing materials that reduce your carbon footprint while improving your energy efficiency. Both options are great at helping the environment, but having live plants on your commercial roof requires more upkeep. A benefit of the plant life is great aesthetics which can help boost your business’s curb appeal. If you are interested in getting a green roof for your Fate and Rockwall, TX commercial building, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 today.

Plant Roof: If you are wanting a roof covered in plant life, you must get a water resistant membrane placed on top of your existing roof to prevent leaks. The plants actually make a good rainwater buffer, as whenever it rains, their soil will absorb the water instead of it ponding on the flat roof and leaking. The vegetation will also release oxygen back into the air, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As most of your roof will be covered by the plants, there is no space for the sun to damage it, since the plants will absorb all the UV rays.

Energy Efficient Roof: This green roof system is another term for a cool roof. As cool roofs are a relatively newer terminology for energy efficient roofing, a lot of people still refer to them as green roofs, since you say “go green” when talking about improving the environment. These types of green roofs are available in roof coatings, metal, or reflective white single ply membranes. Anything that reflects the sun and reduces greenhouse gas emissions lowers your carbon footprint and is good for the environment. Also, green roofs are recyclable, helping to reduce roofing landfill waste.

Insulated Roofing

Insulation is very important, as it helps keep buildings cool in the summer and hot in the winter by trapping and releasing hot air at the appropriate times. Cool roofs are designed to insulate buildings, but other insulating properties like attic insulation, fascia and soffit, and decking also help. When trying to insulate a commercial roof, there are several different ways to do so. Insulated metal roof panels and spray foam are the most common methods as they have the best benefits such as energy efficiency and helping to strengthen the roof. For installation of insulated roof panels for your Fate and Rockwall, TX commercial roof, call the roofers at Advanced Roofing Systems today.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Heat-Welded Seams on Modified Bitumen Provide for Greater Strength, While Still Maintaining Flexibility.

Depending on the material, a commercial roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. The more affordable options like built up roofing and single ply roofing have lifespans of around 20 years, while the more premium roofing options like metal cost more upfront but last 50 years with little maintenance. Over time, all roofs will need repairs, especially commercial roofs. Commercial roofs see way more damage than a residential roof, as multiple HVAC units, rooftop decks, foot traffic, and weather can all wear it down over time. Call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 to get an estimate on how much commercial roof replacement in Fate and Rockwall, TX will cost.

When To Replace Your Commercial Roofing

You should replace your commercial roof when you notice significant damage. These include tears in your single ply membrane, sun damage or multiple leaks. If you are having to constantly call for repairs for your commercial roof, it is more affordable to replace your commercial roof and have a new roof that will last you 20 years with no problems instead of an old 15 year old roof that you have to keep calling for maintenance.

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Dial (214) 247-7002 if you are needing commercial roof installation in Fate and Rockwall, TX performed by Advanced Roofing Systems. Our commercial roofing contractors do more than install commercial roofs; we can also repair any kind of commercial roofing system. Our commercial roofing contractors can help you choose the best roofing system for you with our premier commercial roofing services and customer service.