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Finding a trustworthy and experienced commercial roofing company is not always easy. Some roofing contractors only specialize in certain roofing systems, while others will claim to be able to do it all and end up scamming you by poorly installing your roof. When looking for commercial roof replacement or commercial roof repair, it is important to do your research and find a roofing company you can trust. Advanced Roofing Systems only employs professional roofers that are licensed and bonded and have years of training and hands-on experience handling all kinds of different roofs. For reliable commercial roofing in Fate and Rockwall, TX at an affordable price, contact Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 today.

We Provide a Variety of Commercial Roofing Services

Our commercial roofing contractors are licensed to repair and install any type of commercial roofing system. From energy efficient roofs like green to more heavy duty roofs like industrial and metal, we have a commercial roofing system that is right for you. Advanced Roofing Systems is a full service commercial roofing company, offering additional commercial roofing services like roof cleaning or roof restoration.

  • Commercial Roof Installation We can install or replace any commercial or industrial roof like metal, single ply, flat, built up, and more!
  • Commercial Roof Metal Roofing Metal is a great option for commercial roofs as they last 50 years, provide great energy efficiency, and require little maintenance.
  • Flat Roof Installation and Repair Most commercial roofs are flat roofs, so if you need repair, installation, or replacement, we are the roofers to call!
  • Single Ply Roofing Install There are many options of single ply roofing membranes to choose from, but all are seamless and provide reflectivity!
  • Roof Restoration You can get another 10-20 years out of your commercial roof by restoring it with a protective coating instead getting a costly replacement.

Commercial Roof Repair

Over its 20-50 year lifespan, all commercial roofs will eventually need some sort of repair. Whether it be patching a leak or a reapplying a detached piece of your single ply membrane, our commercial roofing contractors are here to help you get your roof back to prime condition. For commercial roof repair in Fate and Rockwall, TX at a fair price you can trust, call the roofers at Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 to book your appointment now.

Does Your Commercial Roofing Need Repairs?

If during your annual roof inspections, any of the following damages are found, it is important to get commercial roof repair right away to prevent the issues from becoming worse. Signs to look out for that you need commercial roof repair include:

  • Sagging: Moisture, installation of new roofs on top of old roofs, or constant foot traffic can cause certain areas of your roof to sag and cave in.
  • Energy Bill Spikes: Most commercial roofs are designed to improve energy efficiency and lower your electricity bills, so a sudden increase means that your HVAC units are having to work extra hard because your roof’s insulation is failing.
  • Water Stains: If you see water spots on your ceilings or walls, this is a sign of significant water damage that has already been occurring for a while. Your roof already has a hole large enough that rainwater was able to leak through the roof into your interior building, requiring extensive repairs.
  • Age: Just like all things wear out over time, your roof won’t be performing at its best when it starts reaching the decade mark or beyond.

Emergency Roof Repair

Mother Nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable. While you can do your best to prepare for upcoming storms, sometimes they are so severe that damages are bound to occur. Things like fallen trees, blown off roofs, leaks, and more are all common emergencies that can happen to your roof after a big storm passes through. Advanced Roofing Systems provides emergency roof repair in Fate and Rockwall, TX. We are available 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call us at (214) 247-7002 if your roof needs immediate attention.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair

If you need emergency commercial roof repair, the roofers at Advanced Roofing Systems can provide temporary fixes like applying an emergency roof tarp or an emergency roof leak fix the day your roof was damaged, then return after the storm for a more intensive and proper repair. Emergency repairs are not a permanent solution, but are designed to provide you temporary shelter and safety. If it feels like an emergency to you, don’t hesitate to call us, and we will treat it as an emergency roof repair project to us. Common emergency example calls are:

  • Leaks: Heavy rains or hail can puncture your roof and create holes, allowing water to flow in. severe leaks can cause water damage to your home if not taken care of.
  • Fallen Tree: High winds can blow down trees onto roofs, and the weight of the heavy plant can cause your roof to cave in! Trees also commonly get blown through windows.
  • Detached Roofing: Commercial roofs typically have flat roofing systems like single ply, metal, or built up roofing. While hard to rip up, severe enough winds can pull the material up from the roof.

Roof Ponding

Flat commercial roofing will often experience leaks due to ponding. Ponding is when water is not able to properly drain off the roof since there is no sloped edges. The rainwater just sits there and piles up, slowly leaking into the flat roof’s membrane and through the decking into the interior of the building. If you have ponding water on your roof in Fate and Rockwall, TX and need repairs, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.

How To Fix Ponding Water on a Flat Roof

Wide Angle View of Factory Roof.

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There are a couple of roof ponding solutions. The roofers at Advanced Roofing Systems can use flat roof leak detection equipment to locate and repair the area where water tends to pond the most. Commercial building owners can identify these areas by looking for sagging spots where moisture builds up, mold and algae growth, or where there are water stains on the ceiling inside the building. A water ponding test for a roof is quick and noninvasive.

Other ways the prevent future water ponding on a flat roof include replacing your current flat roofing with seamless waterproof roofing like single ply or metal. Green roofing using real plants is not only aesthetic, good for the environment, but also helps prevent leaks as the plants and soil will absorb the rainwater.

Barn Roof Repair

Barn roofs are similar to industrial roofs. Both use industrial-level metal roofing to provide strong roofing that can ensure high heat and chemicals. Barns encompass more than just stables. They can be agricultural buildings, silos, sheds, or dairy farms. While there are many different roofing options you can pick from for barn roof repair, the best roofing system for a long lasting barn roof with minimal maintenance or repairs is metal. For barn roof installation or repair in Fate and Rockwall, TX, schedule an appointment with Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.

Barn Metal Roof Repair or Replacement

Agricultural buildings that utilize heavy machinery benefit from metal roofing as it helps to handle to extreme fluctuations in heat. Metal roofs are also pretty impervious to damage from hail, wind, rain, snow, fire, or chemicals. This will not only keep your livestock safe, but your food as well. Metal does rust, so getting a preventative metal roof coating applied over your barn metal roof is highly recommended to help extend its life. The best choice of metal roofing for agricultural buildings are thicker gauge metal panels like corrugated metal that can withstand the extreme wear and tear of daily farm life.

Low Slope Roof Repair

Because commercial buildings are so much taller than residential buildings, their roofs have to be flat or low sloped to ensure that they won’t cave in on themselves. While low slope commercial roofing are great for safety reasons, they are a nuisance for maintenance reasons. Flat and low slope roofing get damaged easier than sloped roofs because they have direct exposure to sunlight and the elements at all times. Contact Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 for repair of your low slope roofing in Fate and Rockwall, TX.

Commercial Low Slope Roofing

Common problems that make commercial building owners call for low slope repair are:

  • Wind catching underneath the seams or flashing and causing the roof to tent or billow
  • Leaks and roof ponding leading to excessive water damage
  • Hail and sun damage resulting in warped, battered, or punctured roofing

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For all of your commercial roofing needs, Advanced Roofing Systems is the roofing company to call. We offer installation and repairs at affordable prices, and have a wide selection of roofing materials to choose from. All of our commercial roofing contractors are licensed and bonded and our company has over 20 years of roofing experience to supply you with the best commercial roofing services available in the area. If you have any questions about commercial roofing in Fate and Rockwall, TX or need to contact us for a roofing emergency, don’t delay to call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.