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What Is A Roof Restoration?

A trademan uses an airless spray to paint the roof of a building.

Strengthen Your Roofing Materials

When you’re wondering how to go about your roof restoration there are a lot of considerations that should be taken in to place. Roofs naturally wear through time even without the situational scenarios of inclement weather stresses. When you’re considering a roof replacement versus a repair try to consider the details surrounding your roof’s structure to get a feel for the details surrounding your roof’s integrity. Roof restorations can be great to rely on if you’ve had minimal troubles that could be patched without tear-offs. Consider a few points before you decide which route for your roofing project would be right for you.

Why Restoration Over Replacement

  • Costs less
  • Extends Life of Roof
  • Tax Benefits
  • More Sustainable
  • 20-50% Energy Savings

Is it better to repair or replace a roof?

When your roof is wearing out the question of roof restoration or replacement may cross your mind. It’s important to know that for many cases your roof will still be in good shape without compromising the structural integrity of the frame. Keep in mind that depending on the materials of your roof it is designed to last about 20 years. With restorations what you can expect is to have the existing roofing materials present without removal. Yet for roofs that have extensive damages and higher age than a replacement would be better recommended. As of such, a roof restoration can build on durability over existing materials with strengthening roof coats.  Ultimately, Roof restoration and situations like storm damage clean up will require different methods of roof repairs.

Roof Restoration Cost

Depending on your roofing materials roof coating costs can range from $1.50-$8 per square foot.

How long does a roof restoration take?

Depending on your roof the amount of time can vary. Typically you can expect 2-3 days.

What is involved in roof restoration?

Roof restorations typically involve highly-engineered roof restoration coating to existing roofing materials in order to provide a new finish and integrity to the roof. It can be used on a variety of roof types like RPDM, PVC, SPF, MOD-BIT, TPO and built-up roof systems.

How To Do Roof Restoration

Rooftop restoration involves several steps, the first of which is to conduct any minor repairs if necessary. This can involve fastening flashing to screwing on new roofing materials. The second thing that must be done is pressure cleaning the roof with a minimum of 3,000 psi or per square inch. Keep in mind that for roofs that were previously painted preparations may need to be alternate in this step. Once the roof has been pressure cleaned than it would be time to re-bed and re-point (which is usually the case for tiled roofs where ridge caps can be loosened.) After rebidding a polymer-based flexible mortar should be used to deal with roof movement. The fourth step in the roof restoration process would be to apply a primer or sealer an let it dry overnight. For metal roofs, a “Gal” would do and for tile concrete ones. The thickness of the coating depends on whether the roof was pre-painted or not as pre-painted roofs require thicker coatings. The fifth step is optional depending on your roofing material as sometimes a filler coat may be required. If your roofing material is more bare or rough than you’ll need a nice finish to build on that and make the surface smoother. The sixth step is where you’ll spray on two top coats with an airless painting machine. A full stroke should be made from the gutter to the ridge and back down again. This technique will lessen joining marks from showing up as fully. Depending on the gun applicators you may be able to switch out techniques based on the ability of coverage. With tile roofs pay particular attention to the tile noses as they are harder to cover. Depending on your roof’s porosity level the coverage rating will differ. Most roof coatings over 1 litre per 5 meters of a coat. For rough or tough roofing materials consider three top coats or have a filler coat as the first coat before 2 top coats. Finally, roofs may have certain areas that can’t be sprayed so for the cases of Dutch gables, barge capping or lead flashing you will need to hand paint them. Once these finishing touched have been made you’ll want to follow the paint manufacturer’s guidelines for dry times. This will vary depending on the base of the paint as well as outside weather and temperatures.

A roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roof.

Roof restoration is it worth it?

Roof restorations are great options to consider when roofing damages aren’t extensive and the structure of the roof is still sound. You’ll be able to benefit monetarily while also extending the wear of your roof’s life! If you want more information than try contacting your local roofing contractor for Roof restoration today!

If you’re interested in roof restoration in Fate and Rockwall, TX call (214) 247-7002 with Advanced Roofing Systems!

How Can Commercial Buildings Save Energy?

A Roll of Single Ply Membrane

Single Ply Roofs are Easy to Install, and They Provide Very Capable Sunlight Reflection.

How can we reduce commercial energy usage?” That’s a question that many businesses are asking themselves, especially those with skyrocketing building expenses. That’s a multi-billion dollar question effecting the entire country. Energy Star requirements, LEED guidelines, and other regulatory codes only add further pressure.

Today, we will tackle one portion of energy efficient building design: roofing. We’ll walk through the process of identifying your best option for energy savings. By the end, you should have the basic guidelines you need to enhance your building efficiency. Let’s get started!

What are Energy Efficient Buildings?

Energy efficiency starts with overall building insulation. This goes beyond the insulation in the walls to include flooring, windows, doors, and roofing. As a building manager, your first goal should be to promote a healthy envelope around the entire building that prevents exterior surfaces from absorbing too much heat from sunlight. Afterwards, you can easily begin making adjustments to the interior and building equipment to harvest even more energy savings.


Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

As a society, higher energy consumption is generally correlated with higher emissions. By improving energy efficiency in our buildings and limiting the use of traditional fossil fuels, we can greatly improve the air quality of our local environment. In turn, this will lead to cleaner living conditions for our families.

Of course, there are several more tangible benefits to better energy efficiency.


What are the Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

Lower energy costs is perhaps the most enticing benefit. If your business consumes less natural gas and electricity as a result of better building design, the savings can be directed to more pressing matters. Depending on the size of your building, you could recognize some pretty hefty savings!

Lower energy consumption can also enables longer lifetimes for some of your building assets. Improved insulation means your heating and cooling system can enjoy shorter (and fewer) run times. This reduces the daily wear on your HVAC hardware, and slows the pace of part replacement. Considering the weighty cost of central heating repair, expanding the intervals between part replacement could save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency

  • Utility Savings
  • Decelerated HVAC System Wear
  • Cleaner Air in Local Environment
  • Potential Tax Incentives
  • Company Prestige
  • Potential Marketing Opportunities


How Can Buildings Be More Energy Efficient?

When it comes to roofing, efficiency is generally a matter of reflection vs absorption. The more sunlight your roof absorbs and directs inward, the more money you’ll spend each day on heating and cooling. You can greatly increase the percentage of light reflected by changing the color and material of your roofing system.

Roofing Solutions and Efficiency

A Metal Roof in the Middle of a Storm

Metal Roofing Offers an Impressive Combination of Efficiency and Weather Resistance.

Improving your commercial energy efficiency can be a complicated task. For one, you have to take your building’s design into account, such as whether you will have a flat or steeply sloped roof. Your company budget must also be included into the decision.

So what are your best options?

  • Single Ply
  • Spray Foam
  • Metal Roofing With Insulation

We’ll briefly discuss each option, including pros and cons. While almost any material can be enhanced with a reflective coating to improve efficiency, but we’ll be focusing on some of the best performing systems. For times sake, we’ve also left out green roofing (also known as “living roofs”). These impressive roofs deserve their own article.


Single Ply Membranes

One of the most affordable and widely used roofing types is single ply membrane. Installation can generally be completed within a short period with little additional support structure required to hold the roofing system. Energy efficiency for commercial buildings demands lighter colors, so many businesses prefer TPO or PVC materials. These surfaces are reasonably durable, with membranes lasting up to 30 years.

Because of their simplistic design and shorter lifespan, single ply membranes are the most affordable commercial solutions available (excluding basic asphalt shingles). While ponding water is a considerable problem for many flat roof designs, this can be avoided with proper draining design. If you are looking for a lower budget option with great energy efficiency, single ply membranes could be your best choice.


Spray Foam Roofs

These roofs are made from polyurethane, a chemical mixture that quickly hardens when sprayed on a rooftop surface. With the right coating protecting the base, a spray foam roof can last up to 35 years. It offers great energy efficiency, especially with bright colored coatings.

SPF roofing offers incredible energy efficiency with one of the best R-values per square inch. It provides the double action benefit of keeping exterior heat out and interior building heat in. Maintenance is fairly simple, with only the occasional recoating needed to protect the surface.

On the flip side, SPF does have certain weaknesses when compared with our other entries. While it provides a great moisture barrier (due to lack of seams), SPF does not feature strong impact protection like metal. That means hail can cause visible scarring and gouges on the surface. These will need to be repaired.


Metal Roofing With Insulation

“Is metal roofing the best (in terms of energy efficiency)?” That’s a question our team at Advanced Roofing Systems hears a lot. The answer is pretty easy: it depends. 

Metal roofing provides excellent percentages of UV ray reflection. Add an insulating layer beneath that metal, and you have the makings of a fantastic roofing system. Compared to other energy efficient roofing solutions, metal is considerably stronger and more resilient against weathering. That’s why a steel or aluminum system can easily last 70 years with relatively light maintenance. Some business like to add metal roofing for flat roofs already on top of the building.

Of course, metal roofing does come with a premium price tag. Enjoying that impressive energy efficiency also requires that you keep the surface of your metal roof rust free. Aluminum is practically rust-proof (even without a coating), but steel requires special treatment before or after manufacturing to resist rust. A top coat of paint or acrylic can further enhance metal roofing.

Get Your Commercial Roofing Estimate!

Are you looking for better commercial energy efficiency? Our team at Advanced Roofing Systems would love to help you design the perfect roof for your business. We offer premium systems, such as metal roofing, in addition to single ply membranes. To learn more and get an estimate for your project, talk with one of our experts at (214) 247-7002.

Getting Your Roof Back in Shape After Storm Damage

Heavy Rain Drops Strike Roof

Prompt Commercial Roof Repair Prevents Thousands of Dollars in Secondary Damages.

Storm damage is a problem that plagues millions of American homeowners each year, but not everyone realizes the toll it can take on businesses too. One hail storm alone can result in thousands of dollars for flat roof repair from your local commercial roofing company. However, secondary damage following these storms can be even more costly without prompt action. When your company office is struck by hail, extreme wind, or a particularly nasty thunderstorm, it’s crucial you know how to respond. Here are some essential tips to get your roof back in shape!

Types of Roof Damage

Of course, there a several different kinds of roof damage. The impact can vary from minor shingle replacement to complete roof replacement for your business. Because the majority of businesses in the US rely on a flat roofing system, companies face additional challenges in maintaining their rooftops. We’ll break down the most common forms of storm-related degradation and how to respond.

Hail Damage

How much hail does it take to damage a roof? Not much. The size of the hailstones greatly affects the volume of damage inflicted on your commercial roof system. Any stones an inch in size or large start to inflict perceptible damage on shingles, though angle of impact and velocity upon contact will also affect the results. When the size of hail reaches two inches, most forms of shingles and tiles will be completely destroyed. Even built up gravel roofing starts to lose integrity with that size of hail.

All this rooftop trauma leads to serious rooftop degradation: gashes, chips, cracks, tears, etc. Of course, it’s the secondary that’s really the problem. Roof leaks allow moisture to accumulate in confined spaces within the ceiling and walls, producing ample growing conditions for mildew and mold spores. That could mean extensive restoration work, which costs more money than any business wants to pay.

Hail Storm Roof Damage Repair

Tile Roofing Extensively Damaged by Hail

Size of Hailstones, Free Fall Velocity, and Angle of Impact All Affect the Resulting Damage.

Following a severe hail storm, it’s prudent to contact your commercial roof repair company right away for a checkup. A thorough roof damage inspection should outline areas of degradation, especially those with leak potential. Potential outcomes include roof repair and replacement, but these costs are preferable to the expense of interior restoration work. Some companies will assist you with roofing insurance claims for storm damage, typically be offering post-assessment documentation and/or photographs of the trauma.

Another potential solution is installing a protective roof coating. If the trauma to your rooftop isn’t too severe, this coating provides an additional layer of impact force absorption. These commercial coatings can also supply stronger waterproofing for your rooftop. While these coatings aren’t for everyone, they can potentially extend the life of your roof by up to 10 years.

Wind Damage

Everyone understands the severity of hail damage, but not all comprehend the long-term trauma that extreme wind inflicts. Strong gusts of wind can easily rip off shingles and displace tiles. In some circumstances, extreme wind can even topple large trees onto the roof. This catastrophic damage leaves many companies requiring immediate carpentry repair and roof replacement. The secondary damage can be just as severe.

Does Insurance Pay for Wind Damage to the Roof?

Wind Force Causes Trees to Collapse

Wind Damage is Typically Covered in Your Commercial Building Policy, But Check the Conditions.

While exact coverage rates and conditions vary by company and policy, most commercial insurance policies should cover wind damage. Keep in mind, your policy may not include secondary damages (such as leaks), especially if you do not take action to quickly repair. Also, you may be liable (or partly liable) for damage that occurs as a result of negligence. If you knew a nearby tree had died and was at risk for collapse, your insurance company might hold you partly responsible for the resulting emergency tree removal.

Benefits of Quick Roof Repair

By consistently monitoring your business’ roofing system after severe storms, you’ll stay one step ahead of secondary damages. You’ll also know when to arrange commercial roof repair for the property. Other benefits include:

  • Heightened awareness for upcoming maintenance projects
  • Access to cost-effective maintenance options (as opposed to emergency repairs)
  • Stronger leak prevention and lower likelihood of mold growth
  • Easier repair management and more manageable time requirements
  • Reduced likelihood of pest invasion through the rooftop

Schedule Your Roof Damage Inspection!

Has your business been impacted by a recent storm? Talk with one of our commercial roof repair experts at Advanced Roofing Systems to schedule a roof damage inspection in Fate and Rockwall, TX or any surrounding city. You can contact our team at (214) 247-7002 to get started.Following each inspection our team works to provide you with the most cost-effective repair and replacement options available, including roof restoration. Find out how our team can help protect your roof from further storm damage!

The Importance of Quality Materials in Construction

Wood Framing as an Example of Quality Building Materials.

Quality Framing Makes a Big Difference for Your Home’s Resistance to Common Threats.

When you decide to invest in new construction, you will naturally try to make the project as cheap as possible. Of course, you can only cut so many corners before you begin to negatively impact the value of your investment. In this situation, it helps to understand what elements of construction truly benefit from quality building materials. After all, there’s no point in wasting money on top-tier materials if the basic stuff will serve just as well. Before you begin investing in building materials, make sure you know where quality makes the biggest difference.

Elements That Benefit from Quality Building Materials

When it comes to some aspects of your new building construction, you should absolutely stretch your budget to afford quality materials. The difference it makes in these areas will not only increase the value of your investment, but also save money over the long-term from fewer repair needs.

  • Roof: Your roof is arguably the most important element of your home. It not only stabilizes the structure, but provides protection from storms and rainfall. Roof repairs can become quite expensive, as will roof replacement. If you invest in quality roofing from the start, you can avoid these issues.
  • Windows: Many homeowners do not appreciate the full importance of windows. Of course, they allow the entry of natural light and fresh air. Quality windows can actually defend your home from the damaging effects of UV radiation, and provide increased insulation to prevent the loss of heat or cool air.
  • Insulation: On the subject of insulation, the material you choose makes a big difference. High quality insulation can come with special features, such as fire resistance. It will also better retain heat in the winter, which lowers your energy bills and puts less stress on your furnace.
  • Framing: Properly treated framing materials can resist a number of threats, including mold, fungus, and pest infestations. Problems with your framing can prove expensive to fix, and threaten the very stability of your home. When presented with a choice here, go with the higher quality material.
  • Garage Door: Another example that showcases the benefits of quality is the garage door. For example, Avante garage doors are not merely attractive, but also durable and less prone to maintenance issues.

As dedicated commercial roofers, we understand the benefits of quality materials. Property owners who elect for metal roof service, for example, or quality roof coatings, will have fewer repair needs and an increased lifespan for their roof. To learn more about the quality services Advanced Roofing Systems provides for its clients, give us a call at (214) 247-7002.


Why Choose Roof Restoration?


Call Us For a Commercial Roof Restoration.

When it is time to get a new roof, the process can seem really difficult and frustrating. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Just because your roof is old and falling apart, doesn’t mean you have to get a new one. You are probably thinking, “what do you mean I don’t have to replace my old falling apart roof’? The answer though, is no, you don’t. There, of course, are certain roofs that will not be able to do this, but a commercial roof restoration could be the perfect option for you. Rather than doing an entire replacement where more damage might occur and the expenses pile up from extra materials like shingles or sheetrock building materials, consider another option. Commercial roofs are typically flat and because of that, they can be cleaned off easily and have a new one put on.

Benefits Of Choosing Restoration

Cheaper – Because you are not having to take off an entire roof and then out a new one back on, the price can be much lower than if you choose a new roof material. Silicone roof restoration is a great option for long term effectiveness and quality coverage.

Faster – The process of a restoration is quicker because there are less steps to go through when getting this type of roofing.

Less Waste – When you aren’t pulling an entire roof off to put a new one on, the waste is more minimal than ever before. Which also makes it better for the environment.

If you want to consider a commercial roof restoration in Fate and Rockwall, TX, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002.

TPO Roofing from GenFlex

GenFlex Roofing

Larger Sheet Dimensions Means Less Seam Welding, Better Waterproofing, and Lower Labor Costs.

Many businesses use TPO roofing for it’s powerful energy-saving capabilities. By reflecting more sunlight than the average commercial roofing system, GenFlex roofing provides enterprises with even more opportunities to cut down on internal HVAC utility costs. Of course, this roofing membrane also offers highly capable weather performance and affordable protection, making it a very attractive roofing investment. This month will talk about why many businesses are drawn to GenFlex TPO, and how the roofing could potentially benefit your company.

How Long Does TPO Last?

With GenFlex TPO roofing, you can expect decades of protection. Systems come in both self-adhering models and mechanically anchored, warrantied up to 20 years for lasting protection. Because of this TPO roofing’s lower seam count, you can expect fewer issues with potential leaks and corrosion, ensuring more capable functionality.

Why Choose TPO Roofing from GenFlex?

GenFlex roofing offers greater flexibility and functionality than other TPO membranes. By combining the weather and seasonal resiliency of rubber material with the outstanding protection of thermoplastic seams, the company has created a more durable roofing solution. The welded seams allow for incredible water and corrosion resistance, for both flat and low-sloped roofing systems. Sheets of GenFlex TPO are wider than the industry norm, allowing for fewer seams and lower welding requirements. To accelerate the installation process, GenFlex also provides a Peel & Stick TPO membrane that comes with pre-installed tape and adhesives. As a side-effect of the low welding requirements and faster installation, you can expect lower labor costs too.

Contact Us for TPO Roof Installation

GenFlex TPO offers local businesses an excellent tool for reducing your monthly utility expenses while enhancing overall rooftop performance. While there are numerous TPO brands available on the market, not many provide the impressive performance and warranties that come with this particular brand. If you are interested in learning more about GenFlex roofing or TPO membranes in general, you’re welcome to talk with one of our experienced roofing industry experts. Give our Advanced Roofing Systems team a call at (214) 247-7002, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

What To Do Before Getting a New Roof

When it is time to get a new commercial roof, whether it is the first time you have done it, or it is a replacement roof, there are a few things that you will need to do. Any roof is a large investment, but when you are purchasing a roof for your commercial building, you will want it to be perfect. This is what will go onto your business and we want to make sure that you get something that will not only look great, but keep you protected for many years to come.

How To Plan

Make a Budget – The first thing you will want to do is make a budget that will work with you and your finances. This will allow you to narrow down your search and make a decision about what kind of materials you can choose from.

Longevity – Of course, you will want your roof to last as long as possible, but you also want to choose a material that will benefit you the most. If you are looking for something that needs to be waterproof and withstand heavy weather, you may want to look at roof coatings as well. This will all need to be factored into your budget.

Ask Questions – Always ask questions to professionals. That is why we are here, we want to get you the best roof possible. Call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 and we can help you.

How To Maintain Your Barn and Barn Roof

Barns can last for centuries if properly maintained, and can become beautiful and historic memorials. If they are not kept in good condition, costly barn and barn roof repairs and replacements soon add up.

Here are some easy ways to maintain your barn and barn roof now to help preserve it for as long as possible:

If You Need Barn Roof Repair, Call Us Today

  • Check for roof leaks. This is the most important part of maintaining a barn. If the barn roof falls apart, everything in holding up the barn will quickly follow. You may need a roof replacement depending on how old the barn is. Metal roofs last on barns up to 50 years with little maintenance and fare much better than shingles or wood.
  • A roof coating can help extend the life of your metal roof by an additional 20 years depending on what type of coating you get.
  • Check fascia and soffit for rotting or damaged wood and replace them.
  • If there are any parts of a wood barn that directly touch the ground, make sure no water pools around it to prevent it from rotting. If it is, cut out the bad wood and replace with something stronger like concrete.
  • Replace broken or missing windows to prevent moisture from getting inside and leading to mold
  • Make sure gutters are clean and intact to prevent leaks
  • Check for termites if it is a wood barn
  • Replace or repair missing clapboards
  • Check for cracked foundation
  • Remove vegetation growing around the barn as roots can grow under the foundation and cause cracks and leaks
  • Trim any overhanging trees to prevent it from falling in a storm
  • Make sure the doors are properly installed and lubricated

If you need barn roof repair in Fate and Rockwall, TX, call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 today.

Why You Should Consider an EPDM Roof

There are a variety of single ply roofing systems to choose from, EPDM roofing is typically the best type of any commercial property. But why exactly should you consider an EPDM roof? Below are the advantages of installing an EPDM roof to your commercial building.

Handles Temperatures Changes Well

Why You Should Consider an EPDM Roof

Learn Why an EPDM Roof Might Be the Best Single Ply Roof for Your Property.

If you’ve lived in Texas for a long time, you know how the weather can change from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. It’s important to have a roofing system that is able to withstand drastic temperature changes, and EPDM roofing can definitely do that.

They Are Able To Last a Long Time

The typical lifespan of an EPDM roof is between 20 or 30 years, which if you consider what a roofing system goes through, it actually really fantastic.

The Maintenance of EPDM Roofing Is Easy

Because of the material that EPDM is made of, it is able to take quite a lot in terms of weather changes, temperature changes, so taking care of the roof itself is really a breeze.

A Very Green Roofing Option

Because it can get hot in Texas, it’s vital to have a roof that can improve your energy savings. EPDM is able to do that and more! In addition to offering better energy costs, it’s also an eco-friendly roof material.

If you want to learn more about installing an EPDM roofing system in Texas, please call Advanced Roofing Systems at (214) 247-7002 to speak with our professional commercial roofers about how an EPDM roof can benefit your specific building.

Three Roof Restoration Benefits

Roof Restoration Benefits

Damaged Roofs Can Benefit a Great Deal from Roof Restoration.

Any commercial roofing system will eventually reach the end of its life. When this day comes, many commercial building owners assume that replacement represents the only option. This is actually not true, as roof restoration can save you money and extend the life of your roof. Before you settle on replacement, consider the following roof restoration benefits.

Fewer Leaks

Roofs tend to experience many more leaks as they age, since the roofing material begins to generally deteriorate. With roof restoration, a roofing contractor applies a waterproof roof coating that repairs minor damage and seals leaks. The replacement of compromised roof elements can also cut down on your number of leaks.

Life Extension

A roof restoration will generally provide a roof with an additional 10 years of service. If your roof appears on the verge of failure, this life extension allows it to provide even more value for your cost of installation. Once the roof coating begins to wear out, you can often apply yet another for an additional 10 years of life.

Improved Efficiency

An underappreciated element of roof restoration comes from its improvements to energy efficiency. The application of a roof coating can transform any roof into a “cool” variety. This means it reflects a high percentage of UV radiation, and keeps the interior of your structure a more pleasant temperature. This reduces the workload on your ACs, which will save you money on a monthly basis.

If your roof has seen better days, call your trusted roofing contractors at Advanced Roofing Systems for roof restoration benefits in Fate and Rockwall, TX. You can reach us anytime at (214) 247-7002.